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Posted by Rotary District 6450 on Thursday, November 26, 2015
11-2015 One Rotary Summit

What is it?

A friendship exchange trip is an opportunity for Rotarians to become familiar with another district in the world. We aim to become familiar with the culture, customs, and participate in a Rotary project and/or community service event while abroad. Also, we aim to have fun all the while and even experience key tourist destinations on the trip!


In general, 14-20 people from District 6450 would be an optimal number. Spouses or guests are welcome but this number is total people, not just the number of Rotarians.Much of this depends on the what the exchanging Districts can accommodate.
Who long are Exchanges?
Generally, 10-14 days, again depending on what Districts can accommodate.

What’s the goal?

Very much in line with Rotary, it is to build goodwill and better friendships in the Rotary world and greater world as well. We expect long lasting friendships to emerge. PR from our District engaging on this trip is essential. The basis for an ongoing program year after year is desired also.
Where will the RFE go/receive from?
There currently are 3 Rotary Friendship Exchanges in a planning process:
1) Exchange with R.I. District 4400 in Ecuador - Trip is in November 2016 for Rotarians from our District to go to Ecuador.
2) Exchange with R.I. Districts9110 in Nigeria - Dates are February 12th -21st, 2016 for Rotarians from our District to go to Nigeria. There is some discussion that the Rotarians from Nigeria will come to our District in Spring 2016, possibly during District Conference at the end of April 2016.REGISTER NOW FOR THE Rotary Friendship Exchange To Lagos - 2/12/2016
3) Exchange with R.I. District 3060 in India - Tentative date is also February 2016 for Rotarians from our District to go to India.Discussion is that Rotarians from India will come to our District in May or June of 2016.
If you are interested in participating in, hosting or planning any one of the Exchanges, please contact Mandy Lewis, District Friendship Exchange Chair
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for Rotarians. This exciting program includes discounts on products and services such as travel, car rentals, hotels, dining and entertainment. It’s our way of giving back to those who give so much.
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District 9110 is hosting our district in a friendship exchange from February 12 to 21st, 2016
All Rotarians and spouses are welcome to attend.

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