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MARCH 2018
  Monthly Report from your District Governor, Scott McAdam

Well, it is that time again.  Time to read the happenings of the district.  This past month I had the great opportunity to enjoy two separate social events, a fundraiser called Wine and Chocolate by the Aurora Sunrise club and the 113th bash that was put on the ROTARY/One.  I am sorry that I could not attend more events, but there is only so much time and things get complicated and difficult when there is more than one event on the same day.  I know that many of our clubs are working towards their Presidential Citation from Rotary International..  It is really important because as I have said, it will really keep your club on track.  Speaking of keeping on track, two other important things, membership and foundation.


Keep asking people to come to your club as your guest.  Remember, you can engage them and tell them a great story, but you HAVE TO INVITE THEM to your club.  Right now, we are 2/3’s the way done with the year.  We are also 2/3 the way toward our foundation goal.  Let’s get everyone on board and exceed our goals.  What a great statement that would be for our district. 


This week-end is PETS.  This is where all of our presidents elect get together for training, networking and inspiration.  This is not a “hum drum” but rather a great place to meet your class for your year as presidents.  Take notes, make new friends, learn, network, (did I say make new friends?) and be inspired.  The Maywood Rotary Club has a special speaker on March 8th at 12:15.  It will be candidate for Governor, Chris Kennedy.  Maywood Rotary: Chris Kennedy, Guest Speaker - 3/8/2018  After PETS is the empowerLEADERS program on April 14th.  This is an amazing way to expose who wants to become a leader to valuable tools to help them become successful leaders.  We have a couple of great presentations, including Rotary’s own first lady, Juliete Riseley.  It will prove to be a memorable day. Empower Leaders - 4/14/2018


Following that we have spring training on April 21.  It is free to all Rotarians.  Come drink the Rotary Kool Aid and soak it all in, reconnect with friends and fellow Rotarians and benefit from the tools provided.  By the way, did I say this program is free? Spring Training - 4/21/2018


Following these two great events is our district conference the first week-end of May.  See the attached flyer for details.  There will be a special viewing of RILEE, our new trailer that is the Rotary Iron Lung Educational Equipment (RILEE) trailer.  This is almost ready for its PETS debut.  Iron Lung Reservation Form           Donation Form for Iron Lung


I know some of you are still working on the tree initiative.  You still have time, but it is running short.

Baseball - teams are getting ready for a new season.   Come out for Rotary's night at the White Sox, Wednesday, August 1st.  Sox vs. Kansas City.  Tickets are on sale now.  Use the convenient 'group order form' to get tickets seated together for your whole club and guests: 
2018 White Sox Night Group Order Form   Individual/small batch of tickets can use this form: 
2018 White Sox Night to End Polio  or Buy Online: Rotary Fun Day At The White Sox: Kansas City Royals - 8/1/2018

And finally, sign up for the District Conference.  We have a wonderful line up of speakers that are sure to help you find ways to Make a Difference.  Come out Saturday and Sunday, May 5&6. District Annual Conference - 5/5/2018

See you soon!!


Scott McAdam, Governor 6450, 2017-2018


  •  District Conference 2018    May 5 and 6 in Burr Ridge.   Sign up for the conference, bring the whole club out for Club Pride Night Saturday. --Click here for more information and registration -- District Annual Conference: 5/5-6/2018
  • Polio History: “March of Dollars” - Some of you may remember the great polio epidemic of the last century, when, at its peak in 1985, paralytic polio killed or crippled more than 1,000 people each day.  A very clever fundraising effort was began in those years called the “March of Dimes”, where appeals went out for people to contribute just one dime to support research, education and treatment of polio.  Over the years, the March of Dimes brought in over a half billion dollars.     The Hinsdale, IL noon Rotary club does a modern version of the March of Dimes - a “March of Dollars”.  At virtually every meeting, a volunteer coordinator (Tom Baley for their club) gives a polio eradication fact and then goes around during the meal with a jar to collect dollars from members.  While not a lot is netted from each meeting, the totals add up - just as the dimes did.  And the club is able to put those dollars collected towards its polio eradication fundraising goal.
  • Polio Fundraiser for your club - Have a polio fact quiz.  Winner gets some prize (Rotary meal pass, bottle of wine, bag of popcorn - you decide and secure the prize).  As District Polio Coordinator, I can attend your meeting with individual copies of a polio quiz for members to provide written answers.  I will then give correct answers, updating members with the latest information in the End Polio Now Campaign.  Estimated time for quiz, answers, and questions from members - 15 minutes.   $5.00 each to participate! (or some charge or donation.)  Questions for me - or sign up for a date and time for the quiz:  Nancy Fleming, District 6450 End Polio Coordinator 630/729-4662