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Date: 7/20/2018
Subject: September News
From: Rotary Int'l District 6450

Rotary International District 6450
Rotary Alert
  Monthly Report from your District Governor, Scott McAdam

Dear Fellow Rotarians:   

You are now 2 months into the new Rotary year and what a year it has been so far.  I have had the pleasure of meeting with many of you.  As of this writing, I have had the great privilege of visiting 46 of our 61 clubs.  What amazing people we have in District 6450.  There is a lot going on in the district. 

Please visit the District calendar to see club and district events: District Events & Calendar. As on your club website, there is also a link to the RI website for your convenience.  If you have an event you want others to know about, the district is happy to put it in the calendar. We ask that you first set up the event on your club website and then we'll link to your club event for others to see.  Reminder: your login for your club, if your club records on your website are updated will also work for the district's website.  However, the login for Rotary International is not connected, so you have to set it up separately.

Rotary International: Visit and make sure you are set up on My Rotary so you can get information about your club, members, your contribution history to The Rotary Foundation and the goals your club set for the year. 

During my visits, I have come to see how much people care about their communities and other people around the world.  This has become more apparent since the flooding in Houston.  There is information below for you about relief efforts involving Rotarians. 

Another thing that is coming up is Youth Exchange applications for next year.  They are due soon, so if you know someone who wants to travel to another country, let them know.  It will be an amazing experience.  Youth Exchange Informational Meeting - 9/23/2017    And, RYLA is approaching, registrations are now being taken....forms are online: RYLA

Fall training and the President’s Roundtable are also coming up.  Please remember, training is available to all of our members and it is included in your dues and fees.  Take advantage of these resources to help your club.  Presidents Roundtable - 9/21/2017    FALL TRAINING - 10/14/2017

Finally, the presidential citation can be achieved.  Please make sure you read the pamphlet that the presidents have.  There are two mandatory requirements and a plethora of other things to choose from, but it is very rewarding to receive this.  2017-2018 Rotary Presidential Citation Info.

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts - we have been communicating with districts and clubs in the Houston region.  Districts in Texas have set up relief funds in their foundations.  Specific projects have not been established for clean up and support.  Current assistance is needed at the American Red Cross, Shelter Box and Feeding America (food bank). The district has posted some of the correspondence at: Hurricane Harvey 

  • Sign up now for Fall Training, October 14th.    FALL TRAINING - 10/14/2017  

    Registration from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m.; Opening Plenary 8:30; Training Sessions from 9:00 to noon: Club Secretary Training, Club Treasurer training, Membership, Grants, Foundation, Club Mission Statement and Youth Exchange.

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards - RYLA -  October 6-9, volunteers needed, sponsors to underwrite the program and of course -- recruit high school students from your community.  For more information:   RYLA Information and Registration/Application Forms
  • Club Treasurers - Are you assuring that your club has met all the requirements for annual IRS filings?   For more information: Club Secretaries & Treasurers
  • Rotary International Convention - Housing - There are a few rooms left in the group housing that the district reserved for the Convention in Toronto.  Final registrations for this preferred lodging, just a couple blocks from the convention center is September 15th. To reserve a room: Rotary International Convention - Group Housing Registration - 6/22/2018

  • Zone Institute - ChiZone - District leaders from Zone's 28 and 29 gather in Itasca for training.  October 27-29 is open to all.  If interest, explore and register at:

  • To close, we have been making a difference already.  I know that membership has been an issue for many of our clubs.  Please remember, tell a compelling story, every member, bring a guest every quarter to you club.  Get them engaged.  Keep ALL members engaged and send your club members meeting minutes even if there is not much to tell.  The more engaged we are as members, the better we are at telling our story as to WHY Rotary is important in our lives and the lives of others.  

  • Fellowships - have you joined a Rotary Fellowship?  There are worldwide fellowships for a wide variety of interests.  Locally we have the Rotary Cigar Fellowship.  Its fun, don't have to be a smoker, just come for the fellowship.  To register for the next event: Rotary Cigar Fellows - 9/14/2017
Yours in Rotary Service,
Scott McAdam
District Governor 2017-2018